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[This file is from the Sf-Lovers Archives at Rutgers University. It is provided as part of a free service in connection with distribution of Sf-Lovers Digest. This file is currently maintained by the moderator of the Digest. It may be freely copied or redistributed in whole or in part as long as this notice and any copyright notices or other identifying headers or trailers remain intact. If you would like to know more about Sf-Lovers Digest, send mail to SF-LOVERS-REQUEST@RUTGERS.EDU.]

FIRST SEASON 1985-1986

SHATTERDAY Writer: Harlan Ellison Teleplay: Alan Brennert Director: Wes Craven Cast: Bruce Willis, Dan Gilvezan, Murukh, John Carlyle, Seth Isler, Anthony Grumback A man named Peter Jay Novins accidentally dials his home phone number, and it's answered by -- Peter Jay Novins.

A LITTLE PEACE AND QUIET Writer: James Crocker Director: Wes Craven Cast: Melinda Dillon, Greg Mullavey, Virginia Keehne, Brittany Wilson, Joshua Harris, Judith Barsi, Claire Nono, Elma Veronda Jackson, Pamela Gordon, Laura Waterbury, Todd Allen, Isabelle Walker Melinda Dillon plays a station-wagon housewife who gets her wish for "A Little Peace And Quiet."

WORDPLAY Writer: Rockne S. O'Bannon Director: Wes Craven Cast: Robert Klein, Annie Potts, Adam Raber, Robert J. Downey, Brian Bradley, Bernard Behrens, Anne Betancourt, Willard Peugh, Helene Udy, Mimi Neyer Craven, Brynji Willis, Russ Marin, Alexandra Morgan, Lee Arnone, Raye Birk, Joseph Whipp, Dwier Brown Pressed to learn his company's new product line, an overworked man thinks everyone is speaking gibberish to him.

DREAMS FOR SALE Writer: Joe Gannon Director: Tommy Lee Wallace Cast: Meg Foster, David Hayward, Vincent Guastaferro, Lee Anthony, Kristi Purdy, Deanna Purdy A woman is the only one who notices the events at the family picnic keep repeating.

CHAMELEON Writer: James Crocker Director: Wes Craven Cast: Terrance O'Quinn, Ben Piazza, John Ashton, Steve Howell Bassett, Jona Morris, Alma Martinez, Chad Hayes, Lin Shaye Scientists are baffled by a technician who disappears while working on the space shuttle, and then reappears inside an isolation tank.

HEALER Writer: Michael Bryant Director: Sigmund Neafeld Cast: Eric Bogosian, Vincent Gardenia, Robert Costanzo, Joaquin Martinez, Adam Ferris, Joy Pankin, Ed Levey, Vivian Donnell, Anthony Johnson, Lauren Levian A loser steals an Indian artifact with magical healing powers, and those he cures fill his coffer with "gratitude".

CHILDREN'S ZOO Writer: Chris Hubbell and Gerrit Graham Director: Robert Downey Cast: Lorna Luft, Steven Keats, Jaclyn Berstein, Sydney Walsh, Al Alu, Pamela Brown, Jack Taloe, Wes Craven, Kerry Slattery, Don Paul, Sandy Brown Wyeth, Virginia Morris A girl gets a written invitation to a "Children's Zoo" that insists she bring her constantly bickering parents.

KENTUCKY RYE Writer: Richard Krzenmien and Chip Duncan Director: John Hancock Cast: Jeffrey DeMunn, Michael Greene, Philip Bruns, Arliss Howard, Clarence Felder, Scott Jaeck, John DeMita, Brad Burlingame, Rosemarie Thomas, Gloria Rusch, Lisa Long, John Davey, Tim Russ A drunken man stumbles into a roadside inn that the owner offers to sell for an incredibly low price -- but the offer is only good for one night.

LITTLE BOY LOST Writer: Lynn Barker Director: Tommy Lee Wallace Cast: Season Hubley, Nicolas Surovy, Scott Grimes, Nancy Kyes A photographer torn between taking a plum overseas assignment and getting married, meets a strangely familiar little boy.

WISH BANK Writer: Michael Cassutt Director: Rick Friedburg Cast: Dee Wallace-Stone, Julie Carmen, Peter Land, Harvey Vernon, Julie Payne A woman tries to cash in three wishes at a "Wish Bank."

NIGHTCRAWLERS Writer: Robert R. McGammon Teleplay: Philip DeGuere Director: William Friedkin Cast: Scott Paulin, James Whitmore, Jr., Robert Swan, Exene Cervenka, Sandy Martin, Bobhy Bass, Matt Levin A veteran shares his nightmares about Vietnam with patrons of an all-night diner.

IF SHE DIES Writer: David Bennett Carren Director: John Hancock Cast: Tony Lo Bianco, Nan Martin, Andrea Barber, Jenny Lewis, John Cowans, Donna-Jean Lansing, Adele Miller With his daughter in a coma, a widower is induced by the specter of a little girl to buy an antique bed from an old orphanage.

YE GODS Writer: Anne Collins Director: Peter Medak Cast: David Dukes, Robert Morse, Carolyn Seymour, John Myhers, Andrew Massett, Patti Karr, Ingrid Boulting A man tangles with the ancient gods after he's struck by an arrow of unrequited love from a vengeful Cupid, who's fed up with self-centered 20th century types.

EXAMINATION DAY Writer: Henry Slesar Teleplay: Philip DeGuere Director: Paul Lynch Cast: Christopher Allport, David Mendenhall, Elizabeth Normant, Jeffrey Alan Chandler, Ed Krieger, Myrna White Little Dickie Jordan's parent are afraid he won't pass the government intelligence test.

A MESSAGE FROM CHARITY Writer: William M. Lee Teleplay: Alan Brennert Director: Paul Lynch Cast: Kerry Noonan, Duncan McNeil, Gerald Hiken, James Cromwell, Vanessa Brown, Michael Fox, Jennifer Parsons, Jack Wells, Philip Proctor, Barbara Lindsay An 18th-century New England farm girl is accused of witchcraft after telling a friend of the wonders she saw through the eyes of a present-day boy.

PALADIN OF THE LOST HOUR Writer: Harlan Ellison Director: Alan Smithee Cast: Danny Kaye, Glynn Turman, Corky Ford, John Bryant, Mike Reynolds A man saves the life of a mysterious old man who owns a unique timepiece that's permanently stopped at 11 o'clock.

TEACHER'S AIDE Writer: Steven Barnes Director: B. W. L. Norton Cast: Adrienne Barbeau, Adam Postil, Miguel Nunez, Josh Richman, Fred Morsell At a school with a history of inexplicable violence, a mild mannered teacher suddenly starts manhandling the class troublemakers.

PLAY TIME Writer: Haskell Barkin Director: Ted Flicker Cast: James Coco, Bob Dishy, Avery Schreiber A hack writer is granted a single wish and he selfishly asks for a new partner, the best playright ever, instead of wishine for his dying partner's recovery.

THE BURNING MAN Writer: Ray Bradbury Teleplay: J. D. Feigelson Director: J. D. Feigelson Cast: Piper Laurie, Andre Gower, Danny Cooksey, Roberts Blossom On the hottest day of a bone-dry summer, a woman and her nephew pick up a hitchhiker who seems crazy from the heat.

DEALER'S CHOICE Writer: Donald Todd Director: Wes Craven Cast: Dan Hedaya, M. Emmet Walsh, Garret Morris, Barney Martin,, Morgan Freeman The devil gives a man a sporting chance to save his soul in a poker game.

WONG'S LOST AND FOUND EMPORIUM Writer: William F. Wu Teleplay: Alan Brennert Director: Paul Lynch Cast: Brian Touch, Anna Maria Poon, Carol Bruce, Stacy Keach, Sr., Jack Jozefson, Marty Levy After three years of searching, a man catches up with a transient shop where anything that's ever been lost can be found.

DEAD WOMAN'S SHOES Writer: Charles Beaumont Teleplay: Lynn Barker Director: Peter Medak Cast: Helen Mirren, Jeffrey Tambor, Theresa Saldana, Robert Pastorelli, Sasha Von Scherler, Hardy Rawls, Tyra Ferrell, Julie Dolan, Leslie Bega, Nan Visitor, Lance Nichols, Pia Cronning A timid salesclerk seems to be an altogether different woman when she wears a dead woman's shoes.

SHADOW MAN Writer: Rockne S. O'Bannon Director: Joe Dante Cast: Jonathan Ward, Jason Presson, Michael Rich, Heather Haase, Jeff Calhoun, Kathleen Coyne, Tricia Bartholome, Julie Hendler, Melissa Moultrie, Christopher Gosch, Marc Bently, david Goldsmith, Amy O'Neill No one believes a timid boy with a penchant for exaggeration who claims that the bogeyman lives under his bed.

THE UNCLE DEVIL SHOW Writer: Donald Todd Director: David Steinberg Cast: Murphy Dunne, Joel Polis, Wendy Phillips, Gregory Meir Parents beware, and pray that your child doesn't tune in to "The Uncle Devil Show."

OPENING DAY Writer: Chris Hubbell and Gerrit Graham Director: John Milius Cast: Martin Kove, Jeff Jones, Elan Oberon, Molly Morgan, Shawn Donahue, Andre Hall-Lovell, Michael Nissman, Shelby Billington, Frank McRae, Gary Hollis A woman and her lover plan to kill her husband on the opening day of duck hunting season.

THE BEACON Writer: Martin Pasko and Rebecca Parr Director: Gerd Oswald Cast: Charles Martin Smith, Martin Landau, Vonnie Ribisi, Cheryl Anderson, Scott Lincoln, Hayley Taylor Block An outsider gets stranded in a secluded coastal community where the locals live in fear of a lighthouse beacon that sweeps over their town nightly.

ONE LIFE, FURNISHED IN EARLY POVERTY Writer: Harlan Ellison Teleplay: Alan Brennert Director: Don Carlos Dunaway Cast: Peter Riegert, Chirs Hebert, Jack Kehoe, Barbara Tarbuck, Susan Wheeler Duff, Biff Yeager, Gary Karp A bitter man with an empty life travels back in time to his childhood to find out where it all went wrong.

HER PILGRIM SOUL Writer: Alan Brennert Director: Wes Craven Cast: Kristoffer Tabori, Anne Twomey, Gary Cole, Wendy Girard, Betsy Jane Licon, Danica McKellar, Katherine Wallach, Richard McGonagle, Nelson Welch A troubled scientist befriends the lifelike holographic projection of a woman who seems to have been reborn and sent for a purpose she can't remember. At first, Kevin Drayton and his assistant believe they have a glitch in their experimental imaging system. But as Nola grows from fetus to womanhood at the rate of ten years a day, the scientists discover she has a very real past, and very real friends and family who remember her. With his own marriage about to break up, Kevin spends almost every waking minute with Nola. Not surprisingly, he falls in love with her.

I OF NEWTON Writer: Joe Haldeman Teleplay: Alan Brennert Director: Kenneth Gilbert Cast: Sherman Hemsley, Ron Glass To save his soul, a mathematician engages in a battle of wits with a hip demon he inadvertently conjured up.

NIGHT OF THE MEEK Writer: Rod Serling Teleplay: Rockne S. O'Bannon Director: Martha Coolidge Cast: Richard Mulligan, William Atherton, Bill Henderson, Teddy Wilson, Shelby Leverington, Joanne Barron, Thomas F. Duffy, Hugo Stanger, Elizabeth Ward, Charles Swiegart, Wayne Morton, Monty Ash, Jeff Kober, Patricia Wilson, Wilson Camp, Benjie Gregory, Paul Stout, Georgia Schmidt, Muriel Minot, Enid Rodgers, Brian Muehl, Toria Crosby, Larenz Tate, Harry Governick, Phyllis Erlich A remake of the 1960 tale about a department store Santa who gets fired on Christmas Eve. Art Carney starred in the original.

THE STAR Writer: Arthur C. Clarke Teleplay: Alan Brennert Director: Gerd Oswald Cast: Fritz Weaver, Donald Moffat, Elizabeth Huddle A priest and an astrophysicist make a discovery that tests their faith in God.

BUT CAN SHE TYPE Writer: Martin Pasko and Rebecca Parr Director: Shelley Levinson Cast: Pam Dawber, Charles Levin, Jeannie Elias, Jonathan Frakes, Deborah Harmon, Michael Prince, Amzie Strickland, Jolinda Collins, Douglas Blair, Ken Sagoes An overworked secretary gets transported to a paralell univers where secreataries are revered.

STILL LIFE Writer: Gerrit Graham and Chris Hubbell Director: Peter Medak Cast: Robert Carradine, Marilyn Jones, John Carradine A photographer develops film he finds in a 70-year-old camera that belonged to an ill-fated Amazon adventurer.

THE LITTLE PEOPLE OF KELLANY WOODS Writer: J. D. Feigelson Director: J. D. Feigelson Cast: Hamilton Camp, Michael Alldredge, James Scally, Tim Donahue, Anthony Palmer, Hal Landon, Pat Crawford Brown A drunk who bores the patrons of an Irish pub with his stories, suddenly starts paying his debts with real gold coins.

THE MISFORTUNE COOKIE Writer: Charles E. Fritch Teleplay: Steven Rae Director: Allan Arkush Cast: Elliot Gould, Bennet Ohta, Caroline Lagerfelt, Frederick Coffin, Claire Carter, John G. Scanlon, Elven Harvard, Albert Leong A pompous restaurant critic gets a taste of what he's been dishing out for years after trashing a Chinese restaurant before trying the food.

MONSTERS Writer: Robert Crais Director: B. W. L. Norton Cast: Ralph Bellamy, Oliver Robins, Kathleen Lloyd, Bruce Solomon, Lewis Dauber, Mary Margaret Lewis, Roger Hampton, Eve Brenner, Teryn Jenkins A boy obsesses with monsters, befriends a mysterious new neighbor, who claims to be a vampire.

SMALL TALENT FOR WAR Writer: Carter Scholz and Alan Brennert Director: Claudia Weill Cast: John Glover, Peter Michael Goetz, Stefan Cierasch, Fran Bennett, Jose Santara, Gillian Eaton, Richard Brestoff An alien ambassador decrees that the Earth must be destroyed.

A MATTER OF MINUTES Writer: Theodore Sturgeon (based on the short story "Yesterday was Monday") Teleplay: Rockne S. O'Bannon Directory: Sheldon Larry Cast: Adam Arkin, Karen Austin, Adolph Caesar, Marianne Muellereille, Joanna Johnson, Alan David Gelman, A couple awaken one morning to find their home overrun with faceless blue-clad worken and theri neighborhood deserted. THE ELEVATOR Writer: Ray Bradbury Director: R. L. Thomas Cast: Stephen Geoffreys, Robert Prescott, Douglas Emerson, Brandon Bluhm Two brothers sneak a look at their father's secret experiment to feed the world.

TO SEE THE INVISIBLE MAN Writer: Robert Silverberg Teleplay: Steven Barnes Director: Noel Black Cast: Cotter Smith, Karlene Crockett, Mary Robin Redd, Peter Hobbs, Bonnie-Campbell Britton, Jack Gallagher, Kenneth Danzinger, Richard Jamison, Chris McCarty, Karla Richards, Rebecca Robertson, Dean Fortunato, Steve Peterson, Terri Lynn Wood, Whitby Hertfod For the crime of coldness, an uncaring man is sentenced to one year of public invisibility.

TOOTH OR CONSEQUENCES Writer: Haskell Barkin Director: Robert Downey Cast: David Birney, Kenneth Mars, Oliver Clark, Teresa Ganzel, Peggy Pope, Mina Kolb, Jane Ralston, Ermal Williamson, Martin Azarow, Mitzi McCall, William Utay, Nat Bernstein, Jack Lindine, Ron Ross A dentist with a severe inferiority complex is visited by the tooth fairy.

QUARANTINE Writer: Philip DeGuere and Steven Bochco Teleplay: Alan Brennert Director: Martha Coolidge Cast: Scott Wilson, Tess Harper, Larry Riley, D. W. Brown, Jeanne Mori A weapons builder is awakened from a 324-year long cryogenic sleep because his skill is desperately needed in a world that shuns technology.

WELCOME TO WINFIELD Writer: Les Enloe Director: Bruce Bilson Cast: Elisha Cook, Alan Fudge, Henry Gibson, Jonathan Caliri, Joann Willette, Gerrit Graham, Dennis Fimple, Chip Heller, Sally Klein, Claudia Bryar, Dave Morick Fleeing the Grim Reaper, a terminally ill boy and his girlfriend find refuge in a forgotten little town that isn't on any map.

PERSONAL DEMONS Writer: Rockne S. O'Bannon Director: Peter Medak Cast: Martin Balsam, Clive Revill, Joshua Shelley, Tommy Madden, Marlena Giovi, Penny Baker, Stephen Flanigan, Billy Curtis, Gary Friedkin, Kevin Thompson, Dan Frishman, Lou Carry, Jerry Maren A writer, hoping to have one original idea before he retires, is plagued by a gremlin that no one else can see.

GRAMMA Writer: Stephen King Teleplay: Harlan Ellison Director: Bradford May Cast: Barret Oliver, Darlanne Fluegel, Fredrick Long Little Georgie is scared to death to be left alone in the house with his dying grandmother.

COLD READING Writer: Martin Pasko and Rebecca Parr Director: Gus Trikonis Cast: Dick Shawn, Janet Carroll, Joel Brooks, Lawrence Poindexter, Annette McCarthy, Ralph Manza, Kevin Scannell, Mike Pniewski, Paul Keith, Thomas Bellin, Jon Melichar The creator of a popular live radio show gets his wish for realistic sound effects.

THE LEPRECHAUN-ARTIST Writer: James Crocker Teleplay: Tommy Lee Wallace Director: Tommy Lee Wallace Cast: Cork Hubbert, Joey Green, Bradley Gregg, Danny Nucci, James Hess, Marguerite DeLain, Burr Middleton, Chuck Stransky, Melinda Peterson Three boys capture a Leprechaun who must grant them three wishes before he can be released.

DEAD RUN Writer: Greg Bear Teleplay: Alan Brennert Director: Paul Tucker Cast: Steve Railsback, John Delancie, Barry Corbin, Ebbe Roe Smith, James Lashly, Paul Jenkins, John Lemay, Ritch Brinkley, Brent Spiner, Nancy Lenehan, Howard Mungo, Gertrude Flynn, David Wells, Pat Ast, Brian Libby, Brad Fisher, Jimmie F. Skaggs, Andy Landis, John Barlow Virginia Lantry, Donna Lynn Leavy, Gregory Wagrowski, Lisa Cloud An unemployed trucker, desperate for work, lands a job driving a most unusual route.

PROFILE IN SILVER Writer: J. Neil Schulman Director: John Hancock Cast: Andrew Robinson, Lane Smith, Louis Giambalvo, Barbara Baxley, Jerry Hardin, Mark Taylor, Charles Lanyer, David Sage, Ken Hill, Huck Liggett, Gerard Bocaccio A historian from the future travels back to 1963 Dallas to prevent the assassination of a famous ancestor.

BUTTON, BUTTON Writer: Richard Matheson Teleplay: Logan Swanson Director: Peter Medak Cast: Mare Winningham, Basil Hoffman, Brad Davis A financially strapped couple are given an odd little box with a button on top, and told that if they push it they'll immediately receive $200,000, and someone they don't know will die.

NEED TO KNOW Writer: Sidney Sheldon Teleplay: Mary Sheldon Director: Paul Lynch Cast: William L. Peterson, Robin Gammell, Frances McDormand, Harold Ayer, Eldon, Quick, Ellen Albertini Dow, Shay Garner, Ray Ballard, Clarence Brown A KGB colonel is sent to Siberia to probe strikes the deaths of two loyal party officials.

RED SNOW Writer: Michael Cassutt Director: Jeannot Szwarc Cast: George Dzunda, Barry Miller, Vladimir Skomarovsky, Victoria Tennant, Rod Colbin, Andrew Divoff, Lillian Adams, Jack Ross Obney, Kimberly Ann Morris, Mike Kulcsar, Tom Maier Insanity strikes the people of a farming community like a contagious disease.

TAKE MY LIFE...PLEASE! Writer: Gordon Mitchell Director: Gus Trikonis Cast: Tim Thomerson, Ray Buktenica, Xander Berkeley, Jim Meckrell A comic who's played some hell-holes in his time has to audition at Club Limbo for a place to spend his afterlife.

DEVIL'S ALPHABET Writer: Arthur Gray (based on the story "The Everlasting Club") Teleplay: Robert Hunter Director: Ben Bolt Cast: Ben Cross, Hywell Bennett, Robert Schenkkan, Wayne Alexander, Ethan Phillips, osmond Bullock, Jim Piddock, Stuart Dowling, Christopher Carroll, Christopher Grove Graduation threatens to break up a cynical group of poets until the members vow to meet annually, throughout eternity.

THE LIBRARY Writer: Anne Collins Director: John Hancock Cast: Uta Hagen, Frances Conroy, Lori Petty, Joe Santos, Candy Azzara, Alan Blumenfeld, Jay Gerber, Mimi Monaco A New assistant in a private library alters a few of its volumes, the books of people's lives.

SHADOW PLAY Writer: Charles Beaumont Teleplay: James Crocker Director: Paul Lynch Cast: Peter Coyote, Janet Eilber, Deborah May, Raymond Bieri, William Schallert, William Smith, Earl Billings, George O. Petrie, Guy Boyd, Hank Garrett, Ella Raino Edwards, Gilbert De La Pena In this remake of the 1961 story from the old series, a condemned man claims that everyone is part of his nightmare and will cease to exist if he's executed. Dennis Weaver starred in the original.

GRACE NOTE Writer: Patricia Messina Director: Peter Medak Cast: Julia Migenes Johnson, Sydney Penny, Rhonda Gemignani, Kay E. Kuter, Catherine Paolone, Ross Evans, Ruth Zakarian, Gina Marie Vinaccia, Elliott Scott, Toni Sawyer, Tom Finnegan, Craig Schaefer, Sandy Lipton A woman who dreams of becoming an opera star is given a glimpse into her future by her dying sister.

A DAY IN BEAUMONT Writer: David Gerrold Director: Philip DeGuere Cast: Victor Garber, Stacey Nelkin, Jeff Morrow, John Agar, Kenneth Tobey, Warren Stevens, Richard Partlow, Myles O'Brien. A young couple spends the day trying to convince the townspeople of Beaumont that hostile bug-eyed aliens have landed in the hills.

THE LAST DEFENDER OF CAMELOT Writer: Roger Zelazny Teleplay: George R. R. Martin Director: Jeannot Szwarc Cast: Richard Kiley, Jenny Agutter, John Cameron Mitchell, Norman Lloyd, Anthony LaPaglia, Don Stark The wizard Merlin awakens from a 1000-year-old sleep intent on placing a new Arthur on the throne of England and re-establishing Camelot.


THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING Writer: Director: Cast: An Elvis impersonator travels back in time to meet The King, an aspiring Memphis singer who thinkgs the time-traveler is the reincarnation of his dead twin.

SAUCER OF LONELINESS Writer: Director: Cast: A lonely woman receives a message from a flying saucer and refuses to tell anyone else because it was private.

WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR? Writer: Director: Cast: A friendless boy finds the perfect playmate in the woods behind his house.

THE STORY TELLER Writer: Director: Cast: A mountain boy claims he keeps his 141-year-old grandfather alive by telling the old man stories every night.

NIGHTSONG Writer: Director: Cast: A singer of "Nightsong" appears at the radio station of a DJ who has painfully avoided playing the song for 10 years. ????? Writer: Director: Cast:

THE TOYS OF CALIBAN Writer: Director: Cast: A retarded 16-year-old boy is kept isolated by his parents, who fear that hisability to make things materialize out of thing air will be discovered.

THE CONVICT'S PIANO Writer: Director: Cast: A musician serving time in prison finds an old piano capable of transporting him back in time.

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED Writer: Director: Cast: A guilt-ridden teacher seems to be having flashbacks to the Vietnam war, which is impossible since he was a draft dodger and spent the time in Canada.

THE CARD Writer: Director: Cast: A compulsive shopper discovers that her new credit card has very stiff penalties for late payments.

THE JUNCTION Writer: Director: Cast: A miner sent to explore the oldest part of a coal mine is trapped by a cane-in and stunbles across a fellow miner who claims he was trapped there too, in 1912.

JOY RIDE Writer: Director: Cast: Four teenagers out for a ride get a trip back in time when they steal a classic 1956 car from a dead neighbor's yard.

SHELTER SKELTER Writer: Director: Cast: An obsessed survivalist may get the opportunity to use his most prized possession - a bomb shelter.

PRIVATE CHANNEL Writer: Director: Cast: Special headphones enable a boy to hear the thoughts of a fellow plane passenger, which he regrets.

TIME AND THERESA GOLOWITZ Writer: Director: Cast: The Prince of Darkness gives a recently deceased songwriter a chance to do something he's always wanted to do, but only if he'll do a favor in return.

VOICES IN THE EARTH Writer: Director: Cast: In the future, a salvage expedition returns to a dead world and finds it inhabited by apparitions.

SONG OF A YOUNGER WORLD Writer: Director: Cast: In 1916, a reform-school inmate and the superintendant's daughter hope to be together forever in another dimension.

THE GIRL THAT I MARRIED Writer: Director: Cast: A middle-aged man pines for the good old days of the '60s and the idealistic woman he married, and gets his wish.

THIRD SEASON 1988-1989

THE CURIOUS CASE OF EDGAR WITHERSPOON Writer: J. Michael Straczynski and Haskell Barkin Teleplay: Haskell Barkin Director: Cast: Harry Morgan A psychiatrist comes to believe an eccentric old man's claim that a fantastic mechanical contraption is keeping the world from falling apart.

EXTRA INNINGS Writer: Tom Palmer Director: Cast: A washed-up pro baseball player finds a baseball playing card with the power to transport him back into the game.

THE CROSSING Writer: Ralph Phillips Director: Cast: A tormented priest is haunted by a phantom car identical to one that crashed many years ago.

THE HUNTERS Writer: Paul Chitlik and Jeremy Finch Director: Cast: An archeologist examining prehistoric cave paintings made by ancient hunters, is baffled when the designs seem to move and change shape overnight.

DREAM ME A LIFE Writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Director: Cast: After discovering that the woman in his nightmare is a real person, a retired man enters his dream world and fights the forces that torture her.

MEMORIES Writer: Bob Underwood Director: Cast: A hypo-therapist finds herself trapped in a bizarre world where people are haunted by the memories of who they were in their past lives.

THE HELLGRAMMITE METHOD Writer: Bill Selby Director: Cast: An alcoholic, attempting to kick his addiction with a "miracle pill," unwittingly swallows a "Hellgrammite" tapeworm that threatens to kill him if he doesn't stop drinking.

OUR SELENA IS DYING Writer: Rod Serling Teleplay: J. Michael Straczynski. Director: Cast: A doctor becomes suspicious when a dying old woman mysteriously becomes youthful, while her young niece simultaneously ages overnight.

THE CALL Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Cast: A lonely bachelor accidentally phones an art museum late one night and speaks to a woman whom he later discovers is a statue that has come alive.

THE TRANCE Writer: Jeff Stuart and J. Michael Straczynski Director: Cast: A trance channeler, who pretends to channel the spirit of an ancient warrior, is terrified when he's possessed by a real entity.

ACTS OF TERROR Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Cast: After a battered housewife receives a porcelain figurine of a dog as a gift, a phantom Doberman appears and stops her bullying husband from hurting her. 20/20 VISION Writer: Robert Walden Director: Cast: A bank loan officer, whose cracked eyeglasses give him visions of the future, has the chance to alter the destinies of people he meets.

THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN Writer: Tom Astle Director: Cast: A writer of children's books, feeling useless and no longer needed, finds herself visited by fans from an unexpected place.

THE TRUNK Writer: Paul Chitlik and Jeremy Finch Director: Cast: A hotel manager, down on his luck, finds a streamer trunk that gives him anything he wishes for, except the one thing he most wants.

APPOINTMENT OF ROUTE 17 Writer: Haskell Barkin Director: Cast: A recipient of a heart transplant finds his lifestyle mysteriously changing, and is drawn to places and people he's never met.

THE COLD EQUATIONS Writer: Tom Godwin Teleplay: Alan Brennert Director: Cast: A woman stowaway on a spacecraft discovers to her horror that she has made a deadly mistake.

STRANGER IN POSSUM MEADOW Writer: Paul Chitlik and Jeremy Finch Director: Cast: A stranger collecting specimens of all sorts poses a threat to a mother and her young son.

STREET OF SHADOWS Writer: Michael Reaves Director: Cast: The father of a homeless family suddenly has all the money he wants--but only at the cost of everything he holds dear.

SOMETHING IN THE WALLS Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Cast: A terrified woman is hospitalized when she claims to see faces hiding in patterns and cracks in the walls.

A GAME OF POOL (original version) Writer: George Clayton Johnson Director: Cast: A young hustler dreams of challenging "The Best Pool Player of All Time."

THE WALL Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Cast: After a test pilot explores a mysterious passageway and discovers paradise, he must decide whether to stay or return to Earth.

ROOM 2426 Writer: Paul Chitlik and Jeremy Finch Director: Cast: In a futurist state-controlled society, a theoretical physicist is imprisioned for intellectual crimes.

THE MIND OF SIMON FOSTER Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Cast: In the near future, a jobless man visits a pawn shop where he's offered top dollar for pieces of his memory.

CAT AND MOUSE Writer: Christy Marx Director: Cast: A woman's life is changed by the appearance of a magical black cat.

RENDEZVOUS IN A DARK PLACE Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Cast: An elderly widow, obsessed with dying, meets the messenger of Death.

MANY, MANY MONKEYS Writer: William Froug Director: Cast: A hospital nurse uncovers a strange epidemic that blinds unsuspecting people.

LOVE IS BLIND Writer: Cal Willingham Director: Cast: A trucker, plotting revenge on his adulterous wife, meets a blind singer with strange powers.

CRAZY AS A SOUP SANDWICH Writer: Harlan Ellison Director: Cast: After trading his soul to a demon, a petty con man enlists a slick mobster to help him retain his soul.

SPECIAL SERVICE Writer: J. Michael Straczynski Director: Cast: A man's private life is upset when he discovers that people have been secretly watching him.

FATHER AND SON GAME Writer: Paul Chitlik and Jeremy Finch Director: Cast: In the near future, a businessman fights for control of the family company with his father, who has been transformed by radical operations into a young man.

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